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Traits of a Not-So Average Entrepreneur

image from pixabay

image from pixabay

In this modern time of creating a potential business empire, hardwork is not enough for entrepreneurial success. Most of the time, it requires a centered mind and a handful of skill set to establish your business. Let us focus on what traits entrepreneurs should possess to make him extraordinary among others:


  • Go-Getter in almost Everything Every entrepreneur should be enthusiastic to accept and take challenges. It is essential that they balance their optimism and their perception of any risks involving a certain project or decision. They must also be rational in making decisions and mitigating tasks to their subordinates.


  • Determined to Go for their Business goals Business owners must emphasize their goals not only for this year but for also 5 to 10 years prior. They must also align their employees with their perspective goals. In addition, entrepreneurs must not only possess a tremendous work ethic but also not a quitter. He/she should see failures as stepping stones for improvement and not a roadblock of failure. With these traits, they not only overcome obstacles, but also inspire others to work further.


  • Creative in Finding Solution and Information for Business Growth An entrepreneur must be a visionary, one that knows the trends and how to use it to his advantage. They must acquire in-depth information that will make their business grow or stable. Lastly, they must explore options and solutions to solve their problem. As the old idiom goes, Leave no stone unturned.


  • Confident and Independent As a businessperson, they should know how to present their selves well in public. They should have that confidence that they can build their brand well and initiate new trends among competition. They also can communicate well their vision and ideas efficiently. Apart from that, they are proactive, can multi-task, and possess a strong sense of responsibility among their subordinates.


  • Builder of Harmonious Relationship in the Workplace What entrepreneurs should understand is the art of making your people work with you, not for you. Their employees must feel confident and secure working in your organization. They must feel that you, as a business owner are open, positive, and socially aware.


Building a business not only requires entrepreneurs technical, marketing, and accounting skills. Most importantly, they must highlight their exceptional talent and traits in order to inspire others and work with them to achieve success.


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7 Great Ideas to Earn Money Online

work-space-232985_1280Nowadays, people spend 5 or more hours online for browsing, watching videos, reading articles, and update their social accounts. Have you ever thought that you can use the internet to make money online? At this point, you might have read ideas about startups, studied your target market, or might even setup your own website and email. Let this guide provide you with ideas on what kind of business you can setup online.

  1. Online Sale/Auction House Setup an online store or auction house using Ebay and other sites to sell your goods. You can either specialize in one item type (example apparel, cookware, gadgets) or generally sell all types of items anytime, anywhere. With online sales/auction, a person can make as much as $1000 with just working two days a week. You can also contact local and regional businesses and collaborate with them. Sell their goods and services to your website in case they have no budget setting up their own.
  2. Online Art Gallery If you have the eye for detail, you can setup an Online Art Gallery. Contact local artists and sculptors, take pictures of their artworks or art pieces, and post it on various auction websites. You can also setup your own website to sell their artwork or offer your online advertisement space to local art supply stores, local framers, etc. This way, you can make even more money using your website.
  3. Virtual Classroom You might have a special skill or talent that you want to share like arts and crafts. Start by writing a course about it and teach it online or create modules/guides that users can download. You can also contact learning centers and offer your services to teach technically challenged people to use the internet.
  4. Online Travel Service If you like traveling or know a lot about places, try setup a travel website. Collaborate with local travel agencies or travel stores and post their travel goods and services on your website. You can setup a blog or bulletin board about traveling and encourage others to participate.
  5. Online Events Organizer Do you know any groups or organizations in your area? They might need someone who will organize their trips, parties, and special events. Setup a website to drop inquiries or attract them to use your service.
  6. Survey Business The internet is also a great avenue to start your own survey business. You can conduct surveys and polls for companies. The data you can get from your subscribers is essential for market or product research.
  7. Online Magazine and Talk Show If you are confident that you have online followers, try setup your own magazine or talk show. Write about community or local events, affairs, politics, etc. In addition, engage your local establishments and businesses to advertise their goods and services to your site. You can also setup Q and A sessions featuring local celebrities or prominent people in your area. Consider setting up a YouTube or podcast channel to broadcast your talk show.


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Life Lessons I Learned in Renewing the Business

As a Christian, I am currently in the period we call Lent. Lent for me is a time of year that I review, repent and then begin renewal. While I was studying in my Lenten study group last night, I noticed that what we studied had a great similarity to the circle of life.

renewWhen I considered the idea of a circle of life, and how this circle of life in a micro sense is a circle of my Christian life, I really began to appreciate the need to Die/Renew oneself, and how energizing this is.

I also realised the necessity for routine and ritual in this process.

In our own lives, we are born, we grow, and we review our lives and repent or try to do better. We often as people do major sacrifices to start a new form of life, e.g. being a parent generally means the end of a single and sometimes selfish life.

So this circle really has a lot of ways it can be applied in our lives.

As a director I know I am responsible for my business, and to make sure I give it the care and attention, I generally consider that business to be that of a helpless child, one I have to care for, protect, watch out for, and help to develop. With this mindset, I wondered what applying the circle of life idea would have on my business.


Check, Fix, and Renew…

If I review my business on an annual basis, work out what I need to repent/ fix/ rectify and then renew my business. I will naturally bring about the death of out of date routines and bring about new goals and ways of growth. This new birth would need to be done with some form of recognition and acceptance by staff. It would also have to be a regular event. By doing this process, I would be bringing new life to my business.


In business, Energy = Income

annual-report-61851_640Up until now, bringing about energy and life in a business can really be either by the staff one employs, irregular ideas or promotions, or an external reason that brings about a surge in the company or forces a change.

The concept of me making this happen on a regular way, and having control to bring about energy and new life in the company never really occurred to me in this fashion. I can see that this will be far less stress than any past ideas I have considered.

So as this is my first week in Lent I plan to use this week to Review. Next Week I will consider how I can repent, then the best way to put the past to death and bring about the New Accede.


Wish me good luck!

For those of you, who like me are working through your own Lenten circle of Life I send blessings.


Cate Schafing is a successful Australian business woman in the IT field serving as CEO of Accede Holdings Pty. Ltd. makers of Ezymeetz, ICE and Virtual Gym. She develops innovative new technological products as a programmer and entrepreneur. In gratitude for her success her company supports NFP’s by donating $5000 per month in programming time for NFP’s requesting work.


Making the most out of Client-Staff Relationship

5c6e3604057235d6f905282b70bff640This is the stuff nightmares are made of – or at least this is how I feel right now. For those business owners who manage staff who sell the outcomes of their intellect, this is the hardest part of owning a business. I feel this is a total load balancing act and as the owner, I am a tight rope walker.

Problem – To give quality product at high profit margin – quality long term staff are the keys to success. You also need to employ those better than yourself whenever possible and certainly in specialty areas if you want a long term safe business.

The problem is to keep this kind of employee happy is always a challenge. This kind of employee needs challenge, but not too much and not too hard in respect to delivery times. They need to feel good about their work. They generally like to be part of a team, even if the part is only signs of appreciation and discussion. They need to be respected in all areas of their life by their employee.

Here is the problem. The client thinks they are always right and don’t give a damn about how they treat your staff – they can do what they want. In the end you can try to manage this, accept this and lose staff or walk away.

So how to manage this – these are my tips.

  1. 1403015865-5-tips-building-strong-relationships-clientsRemember going into an agreement is a 2 way streak. You can be offered a sale but you don’t have to accept the sale if you see signs that this business is an abusive business. It will probably only cost you in the end.
  2. There are times a good business has stress and will behave in what you may consider as unrealistic ways. This does not mean it is a bad business. There always needs to be give and take.
  3. Be clear about your expectations and demand a win/win relationship. However chose your timing in regards to demands.
  4. Protect your staff where ever possible from abusive clients, and don’t be afraid to stay – No. Sometimes you just have to.
  5. Finally remember – if you are busting your guts to fix an abusive situation consider letting go of it, and spending your time on a more productive option.
  6. Weigh up your approach. Sometimes the direct approach is necessary – but this is rare and you have a high chance that this approach will not end up in your favour – unless your desire is to end the relationship. It may be better to offer a win / win outcome.
  7. Choose your battle. Customers could write or say abusive things – this is purely the emotion related to the problem. Solve the problem – don’t go over the abuse. Deal with the abuse and decide how you want to deal with that as a separate matter. Don’t get the two mixed together.
  8. Ask your staff – if you have a company need that is above and beyond, and accept a No. But do not ask too often. Encourage a No, and accept this graciously without any stress or guilt being passed on.
  9. Be prepared to say Goodbye. 5% of your clients will bring you 95% of your profits and they take only 5% of your stress, whilst the other 95% of your stress only brings 5% profits. A customer who always brings stress – is just not worth it – Say Goodbye.

Clients can be abusive and not even know it. I see this all the time in programming.

Here are some examples and suggested ways of managing.

I asked for this, why isn’t it done? (never mind they only asked for it 5 minutes ago, and you have not had chance to make this change) Explain clearly, I understand you want this change. This change will take X time to programme and test. You can expect to get this back to yourself by..

I would like to meet with you at 9.30pm (the time of this request is 6.30pm, and you work a 9-5 day).Generally you can consider a once off with this request, but let it be known this is a once off.

So if you find this area a challenge as a manager – remember each experience must be handled uniquely and with wisdom. This wisdom you will gain with experience and reviewing of a situation. So if you lose, turn that into a win, by reviewing and gaining experience. If you Win – Double up, by reviewing and gaining experience.

Bottom line – bullying and harassment by any one, client, owner or staff is not acceptable. So don’t just accept it, take control and work out what you want to do and how you want to handle this matter.


Cate Schafing is a successful Australian business woman in the IT field serving as CEO of Accede Holdings Pty. Ltd. makers of Ezymeetz, ICE and Virtual Gym. She develops innovative new technological products as a programmer and entrepreneur. In gratitude for her success her company supports NFP’s by donating $5000 per month in programming time for NFP’s requesting work.


How to Deal with Change – The Easy Way

shutterstock_111462035Being in the IT industry I am at the forefront of change. Changes in what is available, changes in business practice, changes for employers and changes for employees. So in short for 32 years I have been deeply involved in change from one aspect or another – but change in itself has many, many issues.

It is generally not the change itself, but the actions related to the change that cause so many issues. Some of these side effects are:

  • Cost
  • Staff limitations
  • People not pulling or working together for the same end goals
  • Lack of planning and or preparations
  • Lack of Clarity in expectations
  • Lack of depth in review.

Plus many more.

As for me change is easier said than done. So the question is how we can implement change without much pain?

Begin by clearly defining the proposed change. Make sure all those involved are very clear in understanding about this change. This does not mean – telling them, but interactively sharing with those involved. Invite those involved to consider or reveal any possible side effects that may occur due to the change. Do not dismiss this information – this information can be golden key advice. In fact, every time you hear of a change gone wrong, someone always says “I knew”, “If only they had listened”, “Why did they ignore” Etc. So listen, consider and make sure you have brought these ideas into account.

changes-ahead-exit-signMake sure the time to implement the change is agreeable to all. Double check your costing, by 2 different people. It is easy to forget a cost. These costing should be reviewed with the reported side effects.

Action plan for implementation of larger plans – Dont be afraid to really get down to nuts and bolts here, and remember if you want a smooth transition – don’t rush the actions. Be time, cost and human aware.

Plan for difficulties, e.g. sickness, miss performing equipment etc. It always seems that the timing of problems is always the worst time – and it is this way due to not planning for down time. So bring this into your plans.

And Finally – Never work from Anger. Never make changes in panic and anger. This generally leads to far more issues and in the end you are in crisis management.


Cate Schafing is a successful Australian business woman in the IT field serving as CEO of Accede Holdings Pty. Ltd. makers of Ezymeetz, ICE and Virtual Gym. She develops innovative new technological products as a programmer and entrepreneur. In gratitude for her success her company supports NFP’s by donating $5000 per month in programming time for NFP’s requesting work.