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Traits of a Not-So Average Entrepreneur

image from pixabay

image from pixabay

In this modern time of creating a potential business empire, hardwork is not enough for entrepreneurial success. Most of the time, it requires a centered mind and a handful of skill set to establish your business. Let us focus on what traits entrepreneurs should possess to make him extraordinary among others:


  • Go-Getter in almost Everything Every entrepreneur should be enthusiastic to accept and take challenges. It is essential that they balance their optimism and their perception of any risks involving a certain project or decision. They must also be rational in making decisions and mitigating tasks to their subordinates.


  • Determined to Go for their Business goals Business owners must emphasize their goals not only for this year but for also 5 to 10 years prior. They must also align their employees with their perspective goals. In addition, entrepreneurs must not only possess a tremendous work ethic but also not a quitter. He/she should see failures as stepping stones for improvement and not a roadblock of failure. With these traits, they not only overcome obstacles, but also inspire others to work further.


  • Creative in Finding Solution and Information for Business Growth An entrepreneur must be a visionary, one that knows the trends and how to use it to his advantage. They must acquire in-depth information that will make their business grow or stable. Lastly, they must explore options and solutions to solve their problem. As the old idiom goes, Leave no stone unturned.


  • Confident and Independent As a businessperson, they should know how to present their selves well in public. They should have that confidence that they can build their brand well and initiate new trends among competition. They also can communicate well their vision and ideas efficiently. Apart from that, they are proactive, can multi-task, and possess a strong sense of responsibility among their subordinates.


  • Builder of Harmonious Relationship in the Workplace What entrepreneurs should understand is the art of making your people work with you, not for you. Their employees must feel confident and secure working in your organization. They must feel that you, as a business owner are open, positive, and socially aware.


Building a business not only requires entrepreneurs technical, marketing, and accounting skills. Most importantly, they must highlight their exceptional talent and traits in order to inspire others and work with them to achieve success.


We at Accede Holdings provide the best in accounting and database management technology for business owners in Australia and around the world. For over 30 years, we have created over 600 business applications in every business industry. You can attest that your certain business requirements and needs be met by our experienced pool of developers and coders. Call us today for a free quote at (08) 8363 5699.


A Tale of Barcodes and Barcode Printing

barcodeWhenever you go shopping, you will hear that familiar “blip” sound as you approach the cashier. That is the sound of barcodes being scanned as a sign that you just purchased an item. Barcodes as we know it, made our life much easier in terms of sales, catalogues, and inventory. The barcode is presented by black-and-white zebra stripes with a pattern of wide and narrow bars. These stripes are being read through a photosensor and convert it into an electrical signal as it scans the barcode. Then scanner measures the relative widths of spaces and bars as it translates the different patterns and sends the information on the computer or portable terminal.


There are different types of barcode being used for different functions. The most popular of them all is Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode that is commonly used for retail products. This type makes retailers easy to program their POS systems with product information necessary to identify them easily. Almost all stores and shops use barcode systems to monitor their sales, stocks, and inventory. They can easily change prices without changing price tags, check stock levels and even track your missing items (appeared to be lost or stolen) through RFID technology.


In order to setup a barcode system, you will need mobile computers, handheld scanners, infrastructure, barcode printers and a supporting software solution to manipulate the functions. Some businesses provide RFID systems in a much larger scale of resource management. Barcode scanners vary from basic wands down to a much sophisticated laser beam scanners. Some models require small video cameras to capture digital barcode image instantly and let the computer interpret the code based on the captured image. Mobile computers works like a regular one that has an operating system but can’t be installed by any additional or non-compatible software. Most of the programs installed on mobile computers have something to do with asset tracking, warehouse management, POS systems, and other monitoring functions related to stocks and sales.


barcode printingBarcode printers on the other hand produce barcode labels that can be attached to other things or items. Barcode printing uses either direct or thermal transfer technique in applying ink to labels. The difference of the two is that direct transfer uses ink ribbons while thermal transfer uses heat to blacken the barcode into the label. Connecting the printer to the computer can be done either wired or wireless. You can use USB, Ethernet, and serial connectors for wired options while WIFI and Bluetooth are available as wireless options.


The most critical of them all however is the barcode software system. There are software in the market today specifically addressing each need but as a business owner, you need to determine which software works best for you. Most of them promise database and inventory control, data collection, and simply monitoring your production. We at Accede Holdings offer an extensive barcode solution which includes:

  • Patient labeling
  • Food packaging
  • Asset management
  • Dispatch documentation
  • Manufacturing parts and point of sale items

We also link our software with various software and database products for much easy monitoring and record-keeping. As a company that develops software systems for over 30 years, we are sensitive to what our client needs and address it with precision. Give us a call today for free consultation and advice at 08 8363 5699 or visit us at



What you Need to Know about Virtual Products

virtual products

Do any of these ring true to your business?

  • Space is limited
  • Staff are reducing or need to reduce
  • Must increase profits
  • Need to service a wider area
  • Need to give more to get /keep your staff
  • Wasting time due to poor efficiency

These reasons and others have brought about the rise and demand in Virtual Products. This demand is increasing at an exponential rate.

So what Products are going Virtual?

  • virtual productsSoftware



Design Software


  • Banking
  • Staff
  • Communications
  • Libraries and Books
  • Advice / Education
  • Bill Payments
  • Receiving bills
  • Storage of Records
  • Photos and Memorabilia
  • Videos and Entertainment

This is a new generation for businesses. We all have to begin to go virtual. So here is a check list that may assist you.

  • Define your business processes. What of these can be improved in time, cost or efficiency by becoming virtual?
  • Do you have an internet and intranet presence?
  • Make sure you have a good SEO and good SEO processes in place to make sure your Presence is found on the internet.
  • Review all your costs.
  • Review your marketing plan. Make sure you have a good internet presence.
  • Consider your biggest costs and how can you minimise them
  • Get rid of your local server and go Virtual – major cost and time saving.

Here is a couple of personal stories that may interest you or even inspire you to consider going Virtual.

Virtual Book Keeper

virtual-productsI was employing a book keeper at $25 per hour, and she came to my office, did my books, I paid her as an employee and this work took her 16 hours per week. I found that I was spending about 2.5 hours per week answering her questions, reviewing her work etc. I found that I was not really happy with her quality of work, and so decided to that as my son was at Uni, he did a MYOB course, and then I trained him to do the MYOB work for me. My son, moved back to Canberra, and he does all my MYOB work remotely. He is paid the same $25 per hour, but finds he can do all the same work in an average of 2 hours a week. Some weeks he works 4 hours and the next none, but he gets all this work done, and I am only spending 30 mins a week going over admin questions etc. This is a huge saving. Now with Financial year coming up, I don’t need to buy him a new PC or anything.

Virtual SEO

18 months ago, my full time local SEO was just not getting me any results and the costs were not in accordance with what it cost me. So I cancelled this position. However, a good SEO is worth their weight in gold. So I began my search for a Virtual SEO, and I feel my search has now found true fruition. In fact I am sending this blog from word to my Virtual SEO who lives in the Philippines. My SEO will then clean up, add images, check keywords and post this blog in a timely manner to my web site. Her key work is to make sure our webs are current, getting good natural position on search engines, make sure I do my work on time (e.g. be regular with my blogs) and keep me posted with key words, and new trends. To date, she has brought in a new lead. It is the first time one of my SEO’s had brought in a real solid lead. This lead may or may not result in a sale. Most of our sales are by word of mouth, so the fact that this has been achieved in only 4 weeks of employment, I am really impressed about. So with my virtual SEO, I don’t need to supply a desk, or internet, or a PC. I pay her what she asks for and make sure I pay in a timely manner.


Cate Schafing is a successful Australian business woman in the IT field serving as CEO of Accede Holdings Pty. Ltd. makers of Ezymeetz, ICE and Virtual Gym. She develops innovative new technological products as a programmer and entrepreneur. In gratitude for her success her company supports NFP’s by donating $5000 per month in programming time for NFP’s requesting work.


E-Marketing = Transparent Understanding


After 30 years in business I have seen “Marketing Experts”, and frankly 95% of them are a waste of time. However, that 5% are really worth their weight in diamonds to a business. A few years ago, I was so dissatisfied with what marketing cost my business and what we got out of it, that I went back to university to learn about marketing. I did this with the University of SA via a Masters in Business course.

In this course, there was a topic called “Accountability in Marketing”. Wow! Those two words in the same sentence blew me away. I always thought Marketing was a black art. So I was hooked. However, what this course taught me, was that even the best – absolutely world class proven marketers, can get it wrong, and waste millions for a company. So, I was back to my sceptical belief.

However in the last 4 months, something has happened that has changed my mind.

As a business owner, I know Marketing for my business is essential. However, marketing is not sales. Without constant sales, a business dies. But without fresh new injection of clients, the existing clients will dwindle, and eventually the business will die. So, over the years, I have kept my ears and eyes open to gain marketing knowledge.

At last, I found a 5%er. I attended a course called, “Lights, Action, Blog“, put on by Baker Marketing. I attended this course with a varied range of other professionals. But not only did I get some fantastic gems of knowledge – that basically costs me nothing, but I also finally met a 5%er. As an IT person, I know what IT can do for marketing, but how to bring that together in reality, is something different.

So in this simple blog, I am going to pass on some on the Gems that I acquired. With all respect to Baker Marketing, this is my own personal perspective, and may not apply to all types of businesses – but these are the Gems that I collected during this course.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is essential. However, the question is how to keep up with a moving target? As people abuse search engines, such as Google, the Search Engines have to get smarter, stop the abuse and continue being a worthy search engine. With this constantly happening, the goal posts are constantly on the move. I have decided, that this needs a full time person to handle our work, and so we have employed a person to stay on top of this. To achieve this cost effectively, we have employed a Virtual Assistant. Currently we keep updating, our Web Content, Key Words, Do Key word research, Info Graphics, Videos and Links to other Web associated businesses.
  2. BLOGS – Be regular e.g. weekly, Be topical, Do it yourself. Easier said than done. However, I found a solution. I write my blogs now each week (actually about 2 weeks in advance), then I send them to my Virtual Content Writer, who dresses them, checks them grammatically and for keyword improvement. My VCW also adds images and suggestions. Then when I sign them off, they are published. This means I can fit this into my already overly busy schedule.
  3. GRAPHICS – For ages now, I have used “stock” images. However, these are now so well known, they are not necessarily the best option. So I have learnt not to hesitate to create my own images, when possible. I do this simply with my phone. As most web images need to be quite small, the quality of the image of a good smart phone, is usually quite satisfactory for this sort of function. This includes simple video’s.

These are the basic Gems I picked up at the course. However, I have since added 2 new and personal Gems of knowledge that I wish to share.

  1. Sales is not marketing. Balance is essential. One needs to sell to stay alive – so Don’t forget – Sales is essential. One also needs to Market ones business to get new clients, so invest in marketing. But never lose sight of the fact that both are essential, both are different, and both need investment for a business to grow.
  2. Take a break.  I mean, really time out. Get away from the phones, the family, the business, the demands. Just breathe, and take stock for yourself. Every year, I do this, and what a difference it makes in all of my business. By having this time, I review my own personal goals, my business goals, I then in a very honest manner, assess how I am going with achieving these goals in my desired time frame. My own honest assessment, may lead to the need for mentoring, or changing. But because I am in an open safe place, I can take this on without stress of adversity. I think this is an essential nutrient for business.

I hope this information gives you one or more Gems. I know that even writing this blog, is great for me to help me in purifying this knowledge. How well e-marketing will work, well the fact you are reading this blog, is meaning that it is working – so thank you.


Cate Schafing is a successful Australian business woman in the IT field serving as CEO of Accede Holdings Pty. Ltd. makers of Ezymeetz, ICE and Virtual Gym. She develops innovative new technological products as a programmer and entrepreneur. In gratitude for her success her company supports NFP’s by donating $5000 per month in programming time for NFP’s requesting work.


How MYOB Can be an Easy Timesaving Tool

selectExploreSampleCompany.96.RGBMYOB is a great value accounting package. However for most of us, accounting is the way of recording the financial transaction although it really does very little to increase sales.

When selling, we are generally looking at 2 options:

1. Selling more to existing clients.

2. Getting new clients.

Due to this fact, most of us end up double entering data. We keep some combination of accounting software, including a database, excel spread sheets, a website, MYOB and for some of us a freight system. This means we could re-keying the same information up to 4 times.

MYOB recognised this and have timesaving solutions. One solution is that they have MYOB ODBC and MYOB Developers. Accede is one of these developers. In addition to this, they offer add on solutions for businesses. Find out more at both:

Star Track Express, also has an automatic interface between databases and MYOB and Star Track. So without even making a call – your freight can be collected.

These timesaving options mean that the following is possible.


A client enters an order in your web.

You bring this to your local database and import to MYOB when you are ready to invoice and transfer to your freight system when ready. A business who does this, is using this timesaving technique and making headlines in the world of online sales Oz Trampolines, and is based in Geelong – Victoria. Oz Trampolines has been able to use this extra time to give better price options, support, product choice and options. A real leader in Trampoline sales in Australia.

Another option is a CRM MODEL

You Enter your data into your Call Centre area, follow the CRM Progress of your client, transfer the invoice to MYOB when ready to invoice and dispatch with your freight system. This model also allows auto reminders from your database to resell to existing clients. A business offering the CRM solution is Utter Gutters. By using these options, Utter Gutters has established a business that is devoted, with more staff to support consumers, provide installation and frequently update their Q&A, bringing them into a leader position in their market.


MYOB is popular but not the only financial accounting system. The same options are used in most accounting solutions. What you need to ask your accounting package people is “Do you offer an ODBC import facility?”  It is very rare that this is not an available option today. If the answer is yes, then the above options are available to you – today.

The end result is YES, you can do this with as little as NO data entry or single data entry. Wasting time and money in administration today is really wasted money. Use your company time to give you better results, not to do tasks that can be automated. Your company, by working smarter, not harder can become known for its support, innovation & customer service.


Cate Schafing is a successful Australian business woman in the IT field serving as CEO of Accede Holdings Pty. Ltd. makers of Ezymeetz, ICE and Virtual Gym. She develops innovative new technological products as a programmer and entrepreneur. In gratitude for her success her company supports NFP’s by donating $5000 per month in programming time for NFP’s requesting work.