Accede Maps – Simplify use of your data through Google Maps

Accede Maps Product by Accede HoldingsAccede Maps is a product created by Accede Holdings. It is a simple two-way interactive communication tool for salespeople or business owners. It has the standard feel and functions of Google Maps, but allows you to easily see and enter your sales data.

Accede Maps enables you to see and add information about your sales or services. You can also input data on items you are planning to provide customers based on their locations on the map.

With Accede Maps, items are defined by icons, and the “status” of the item by colour. Categories can be assigned for items you are planning to sell to keep track the characteristics of your customers.  You can also add notes to record information about a location or contact.  Learn More.

 Why Choose Accede Maps?

Accede Maps is Simple and Cost Efficient

Accede Maps enables you to search and find information with ease on your database, making your staff productive and efficient. It is also cost efficient as it allows your onsite salesperson to enter data using their mobile devices, and get reflected in your database immediately.

Data entered using our Accede Maps system can be shown on your website. For example, NFP’s can administer collection from homes, and keep record of who gives and who does not by street address. The cost in obtaining and tracking this information is inexpensive, meaning you only pay for features that you use.

Accede Maps enables Sales Zones

Users acquire sales information by allowing “zones” to be drawn on any given map. These zones are areas that salespersons are working from. Within the zones are “locations”, which can be a house, apartment, business premise, warehouse, or any other structure. This information provides a much clearer picture of what products each area patronises, which allows your organisation devise a specific product or marketing campaign.

 Accede Maps Product by Accede Holdings

Accede Maps is Flexible for any Business Model

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, Accede Maps can be integrated on your existing sales management system. Data stored in our system can be exported and imported by your administrator. Our tool can be utilised from selling items such as mobile phones and white goods, to controlling surveys and monitoring political affiliations. The possibilities are endless with Accede Maps.

Accede Maps can run on Microsoft Windows, MacOS,  Android and IOS devices. Internet access is required to run this tool. This tool will serve as your interface applicable to all electronic data. It can also be integrated to other standard systems, such as MYOB, ZOHO and many more.


Get more out of your sales data with Accede Maps!

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