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How a Business Cope with Staff Loss

2 weeks ago, one of my Key staff  in fact a person I have been training for 3 years to replace myself was head hunted and decided to go with the offer given to him. This was a shock and a blow not only to myself, but to clients...

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Life Lessons I Learned in Renewing the Business

As a Christian, I am currently in the period we call Lent. Lent for me is a time of year that I review, repent and then begin renewal. While I was studying in my Lenten study group last night, I noticed that what we studied had a great similarity...

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What you Need to Know about Virtual Products

Do any of these ring true to your business? Space is limited Staff are reducing or need to reduce Must increase profits Need to service a wider area Need to give more to get /keep your staff Wasting time due to poor efficiency These reasons and others have brought...

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