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7 Great Ideas to Earn Money Online

work-space-232985_1280Nowadays, people spend 5 or more hours online for browsing, watching videos, reading articles, and update their social accounts. Have you ever thought that you can use the internet to make money online? At this point, you might have read ideas about startups, studied your target market, or might even setup your own website and email. Let this guide provide you with ideas on what kind of business you can setup online.

  1. Online Sale/Auction House Setup an online store or auction house using Ebay and other sites to sell your goods. You can either specialize in one item type (example apparel, cookware, gadgets) or generally sell all types of items anytime, anywhere. With online sales/auction, a person can make as much as $1000 with just working two days a week. You can also contact local and regional businesses and collaborate with them. Sell their goods and services to your website in case they have no budget setting up their own.
  2. Online Art Gallery If you have the eye for detail, you can setup an Online Art Gallery. Contact local artists and sculptors, take pictures of their artworks or art pieces, and post it on various auction websites. You can also setup your own website to sell their artwork or offer your online advertisement space to local art supply stores, local framers, etc. This way, you can make even more money using your website.
  3. Virtual Classroom You might have a special skill or talent that you want to share like arts and crafts. Start by writing a course about it and teach it online or create modules/guides that users can download. You can also contact learning centers and offer your services to teach technically challenged people to use the internet.
  4. Online Travel Service If you like traveling or know a lot about places, try setup a travel website. Collaborate with local travel agencies or travel stores and post their travel goods and services on your website. You can setup a blog or bulletin board about traveling and encourage others to participate.
  5. Online Events Organizer Do you know any groups or organizations in your area? They might need someone who will organize their trips, parties, and special events. Setup a website to drop inquiries or attract them to use your service.
  6. Survey Business The internet is also a great avenue to start your own survey business. You can conduct surveys and polls for companies. The data you can get from your subscribers is essential for market or product research.
  7. Online Magazine and Talk Show If you are confident that you have online followers, try setup your own magazine or talk show. Write about community or local events, affairs, politics, etc. In addition, engage your local establishments and businesses to advertise their goods and services to your site. You can also setup Q and A sessions featuring local celebrities or prominent people in your area. Consider setting up a YouTube or podcast channel to broadcast your talk show.


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Should Companies risk everything to get Investors?

investingOver the 30 years of business, there have been good times and bad. I have questioned what I am doing, made course changes, made good decisions and bad. One of the areas I have questioned has been investors? I have also spent a lot of time reviewing this option, attending course and building knowledge. The reason I am documenting my answer to this question is to save time for future business owners.

This is the end result of this question. The question is totally personal and life dependent. Investors however are not necessarily financial investors, they may be knowledge, experience, even partnerships of a commercial relationship. However what is important, is that the journey to deciding this for your business, is where the value lies.

As you review your options, clean up your own business documentation, clarify your position even if just mentally, you will realize your own worth, and even if you wish to have an investor(s).

The question often relates to the reason you have begun to consider having investors. For most people this is often related to financial reasons, and what one often finds, is getting people to invest financially is a long and often not as rewarding as one would hope. Most investors, end up being people looking to sell their skills or knowledge for a piece of the action, without any risk. Also investors are expecting quite a fast turnaround on their financial investment – and almost guaranteed.

invest rightIn simple terms if 100 businesses seek financial investment, less than 1% will result in a satisfactory investment as most businesses when it gets to the facts are not being realistic.

If however you find your skills lacking then investors are a brilliant idea. Especially if the investor is also prepared to take on the risk of giving their skills and knowledge. But the key here is the investor taking on the risk with you. I have found in this area, that many potential investors don’t even have the skills and experience that you will find that you have, once you get your own information and knowledge clear.

So if you are considering this question – my suggestion is take the journey. It is in the journey that you will gain the wealth. Don’t pay someone to take the journey for you – I have done this and lost 25K – so there is 25K worth of paid experience – it is not worth it. If you want to get someone to take the journey – select people on success fee basis – there are many people prepared to do this. The biggest advantage of taking the journey yourself, is the knowledge, experience and people you will meet on the journey. These people you will quickly sift through as being either greatly useful or a total waste of time. You will work out better options for your business. This may change your course, give alternatives you never considered, or even how to do this yourself, without losing value in your product.

Enjoy your journey!


Cate Schafing is a successful Australian business woman in the IT field serving as CEO of Accede Holdings Pty. Ltd. makers of Ezymeetz, ICE and Virtual Gym. She develops innovative new technological products as a programmer and entrepreneur. In gratitude for her success her company supports NFP’s by donating $5000 per month in programming time for NFP’s requesting work.