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Accede Holdings developed and integrated almost 600 applications and software solutions for various organizations and service industry providers from around the world. We are proud to say that our clients are 100% satisfied with our quality of work for their business. Our core value is to make sure that every solution we provide answers entirely our client’s needs and specifications. We aim to provide new opportunities to improve our client’s business performance and income.


We at Accede implement standard consultation method to solve our client’s problem. We make sure that we mutually agree on their business needs, approach, and technical specifications before we proceed with the development process. We have proven this approach foolproof and effective to us and to our client’s end. Check out our various solutions that will improve your business process.


MS Access Database To Cloud – If you have a great MS Application that your business is using and you need to move your data to the cloud, then we are the people you should be talking to. We offer fixed priced quotes and delivery times are no charge.  So if you are interested.   READ MORE>>


posPoint of Sale Systems – Choose the solution that listens and heeds to your needs. At Accede, we make sure that your point of sale systems brings income and productivity within your organization. READ MORE>>


Barcode-iconBarcode Printing Systems – We at Accede cater to your barcode needs from developing the barcode system down to printing. Rest assured that we are committed to give our client only the best solution they can ever find. READ MORE>>


stockStock Control Systems – Do you find it difficult to monitor your stocks and inventory? Worry no more as Accede Holdings has the right solution for you. We can integrate your stock control database to your POS and other existing sales software. READ MORE>>


rentalRental Service Systems – Develop confidence in your business operations with Accede’s rental service system. We empower our clients with our skill set capable of handling even the most crucial rental system requirement. READ MORE>>


auctionAuction Software Systems – Are you looking for an auction software system specifically designed for you? Accede Holdings can create the best solution for your auction needs just like you want it. READ MORE>>


buildingBuilding Industry Software Systems – Want to get more out of your current estimating system? We at Accede developed an efficient system that monitors, manages, and reports building industry processes at any point in time. READ MORE>>


membershipMembership Software Systems – Eliminate errors of data entered in your membership software system with Accede Holding. We provide proper membership management and reporting for any type of organization. READ MORE>>


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