How a Business Cope with Staff Loss

2 weeks ago, one of my Key staff  in fact a person I have been training for 3 years to replace myself was head hunted and decided to go with the offer given to him. This was a shock and a blow not only to myself, but to clients and fellow employees. So how does Read more about How a Business Cope with Staff Loss[…]

Millennials on Family and Business

I have a son who is almost 21 years of age. I am lucky. He has a work ethic, and even though he would love to be Peter Pan for his whole life, my blunt, no nonsense approach has made him face the facts that Peter Pan will not give him the life style he Read more about Millennials on Family and Business[…]

Top Ten Technology Trends to see this 2015

Just as we rely on technology and electronics for our dailies, we ought to think what is next for us to come? Gartner Inc. highlighted from their symposium last October 5-9 at Orlando, Florida the top ten strategic technology trends we will expect this 2015. Gartner Inc. defined strategic technology as an idea that has Read more about Top Ten Technology Trends to see this 2015[…]

Making the most out of Client-Staff Relationship

This is the stuff nightmares are made of – or at least this is how I feel right now. For those business owners who manage staff who sell the outcomes of their intellect, this is the hardest part of owning a business. I feel this is a total load balancing act and as the owner, Read more about Making the most out of Client-Staff Relationship[…]

How to Deal with Change – The Easy Way

Being in the IT industry I am at the forefront of change. Changes in what is available, changes in business practice, changes for employers and changes for employees. So in short for 32 years I have been deeply involved in change from one aspect or another – but change in itself has many, many issues. It Read more about How to Deal with Change – The Easy Way[…]

Carbon Tax – A Real Option or Additional Expense?

This morning, I read another article from our government about Carbon Tax. In short, I believe that what was presented some years ago by the Labour Government of Australia, was really nothing short of a new tax dressed up. But in the end all the monies were going in one big pot and it was Read more about Carbon Tax – A Real Option or Additional Expense?[…]

How To Stop Staff “Back-Biting”

Recently reading a document from a Business Consultant – Brett Williams, he mentioned how he had done quite a bit of work with businesses who are trying to get the staff to stop “back biting”. I found this interesting, as this has never been a problem that I have had to face. I thought about Read more about How To Stop Staff “Back-Biting”[…]

Preparation – Procrastination or Essential in Business

Up until last Friday – I would have said, preparation is necessary, but don’t go over the top. Realise this is said from experience and a business perspective. However an experience last week, taught me a whole new slant on Preparation, that I had honestly never considered. My perspective was : Prepare – do this efficiently and Read more about Preparation – Procrastination or Essential in Business[…]