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Accede Holdings is an agile, community-friendly organization that have the extensive experience in database and software development. For over 30 years, we provided logical and cost-efficient business solutions custom-built to meet our client's specific business needs.
Our motto "To provide Computer Solutions that are efficient, effective and of value".
We hire the best people like programmers, IT managers, and other personnel to work with us and support our clients the best way possible. Our skills and expertise in programming makes us create new software systems that expands the functionality of our client's existing software or database system. We also offer various integration services to facilitate day to day process essential for business growth and improved cashflow.
Go to MS Access Database To Cloud

MS Access Database To Cloud

If you have a great MS Application that your business is using and you need to move your data to the cloud, then we are the people you should be talking to. We offer fixed priced quotes and delivery times are no charge.

Go to MS Access Database Development Integration

MS Access Database Development Integration

Do you have an old MS Access database that needs to be updated using the latest technology in database management? Accede Holdings offers MS Access database development and integration tailor-made to your specific requirements and needs.

Go to MS SQL Database Development Integration

MS SQL Database Development Integration

Are you looking for that competitive edge that only integrated technology can provide? Accede Holdings is the best solution you need as they have the knowledge and expertise to develop and integrate MS SQL database systems in whatever platform you need.

Go to MYOB Database Development and Integration

MYOB Database Development and Integration

Need a specific database management solution that meets your needs? Look no further as Accede Holdings can provide you with the best database integration service using MYOB software, the most cutting-edge database management software to date.

Go to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Make your day-to-day business processes more efficient and productive with Accede Holdings. Accede closes the gap between various Microsoft Office applications by integrating them as a single system.

Go to Business Applications Development

Business Applications Development

Get the information you want whenever, wherever with Accede Holdings. We at Accede create Business Applications that integrate with your current system. Our solutions provides you with information essential to your decision-making.

Go to PDA Integration

PDA Integration

Access your status reports and information at the palm of your hands with Accede Holding’s PDA integration service. We offer the latest technology in integrating your database to your PDA device as we make it easy and fast to obtain information.

Go to Cloud Data Web

Cloud Data Web

Web site development has increased in expectations and demands. So today companies are skilled in specific areas of Web development. Understand the difference and consider if you need a data based specialist for your web site

Welcome to Accede Holdings Pty Ltd

Accede Holdings Pty Ltd has established strong, active, ongoing relationships over the years with its many clients by building revolutionary, state of the art applications which make their businesses better. Why not have Accede work with your business today?
We lead the Australian marketplace by providing high standard database solutions for businesses.

Established in 1984, Accede has over 31 years of experience in database design and development.
We have created 600+ applications from stand-alone applications to databases that integrate with other standard products such as MYOB, Xero and Sage. Our experience includes:

  • Applications for Testing Systems for Manufacturing Equipment, Transport Industry, Entertainment Industry Management, Job Costing and Allocation, Specialized Accounting, and Data Conversions.
  • Local, central, and web database solutions to meet local to global information needs.
  • Interfaces to packaged accounting products integrate your day-to-day operations critical data into standard accounting products.
  • Interfaces between products, e.g. Star Track and MYOB, Accounting to Manufacturing Equipment.

Our Team

We hire the best people like programmers, IT managers, and other personnel to work with us and support our clients the best way possible.

Cate Schafing

Managing Director

Christopher Chase

Senior Developer

Carson Seagle

Accounts Manager

Matthew Cogswell

Junior Developer

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