ODBC WriteNow

ODBC WriteNow is our newly released product, that enables businesses to have a full two-way interface with their MYOB AccountRight data.  This means you can read, write, and edit your MYOB Data in the cloud from your database or excel spreadsheet.  If you’re looking for a MYOB Accountright Read/Write Interface, this solution is just right for you.

ODBC WriteNow provides a fast and flexible interface giving you full control of your data. You can now use your hard-earned MYOB Data to increase your business productivity, make informed decisions both in management and marketing.  Learn More.

This is the most revolutionary improvement since ODBC technology graduated to API’s.

What value can ODBC WriteNow bring to your business?

  1. No more double handling; enter data once.
  2. Easy to read and understand management reports. Fix layout and format errors of Our Solutions page and its sub-menu pages
  3. Able to use your organisation’s MYOB data for other functions e.g. Marketing, CRM etc.

Accede created this technology as one of our products and for our clients.  This tool offers transparency when implemented.  Information will be readily available for them. When they push a button, the invoices or the suppliers invoices are in MYOB.  They can see the payments and know what the status is of any job.  Plus, they don’t have to pay for other MYOB Licenses.

ODBC WriteNow has been working in a high volume, production environment for the last 6 months.  It works on remote servers, Amazon Workspaces, small business servers, Macs, and PCs.  That way, you’re ensured that ODBC WriteNow can handle your data, whatever your base of operations. This is the ONLY read/write ODBC style solution for MYOB AccountRight currently available on their app store.

ODBC WriteNow  is available on FREE trial for 30 days.  If you like it, you can continue using it at a $22 AUD per month/user. Our fee is not as much as compared to the trouble and cost you need to pay due to the data errors you need to face.

Get your ODBC WriteNow FREE trial today!

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