Volunteering and Not for Profit Database Solutions.


Accede has created many Volunteering and Not for profit software solutions. We have serviced many worthwhile organisations and given donations of our time, products and/or services. Accede’s Not For Profit Program, allocates 4 hours of an IT specialist to assist in programming or support per week.  This is available to any church or volunteer companies that apply for this service.

Here are just a few examples.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia

mndMND SA is a registered charitable not for profit organisation that provides and promotes the best possible support for people living with MND, their families and carers regardless of their age or postcode; advances research into MND; and raises community awareness about MND.

Royal Society for the Blind

In 2015, Cate Schafing our CEO, was recognised for all the volunteer work she did with the RSB. She was nominated and received an award as Volunteer of the Year for this work. If you ever visit Accede, you will meet with a RSB Guide dog in training.
In fact, the RSB Guide Dog software was written purely under the NFP program for the RSB. Accede has also written the RSB Donations systems and stabilised and updated their Central Data Management Systems for RSB. We find the challenge of creating solutions for the visually impaired very rewarding.

Take advantage of Accede Holdings not for profit solutions or services!

Accede Holding offer charity coding time every Friday afternoon for Not for Profit organizations who are looking for help with their IT systems. Previous clients include The Royal Society for the Blind, Motor Neurone Disease SA, Playgroup SA, and the Apex. If your organization is looking for custom technical solutions but is facing a limited budget, please feel free to contact us.

Call us at +61 8 8363 5699 or Contact Us today.

Note: Free time provided under Accede Holdings NFP program is restricted to Friday between 1pm and 5pm GMT+9:30. NFP time does not include on site visitations from Accede staff. It is advised to avoid using NFP time for rush or emergency jobs as deadlines under this time will not be guaranteed. NFP time is best used for isolated functions which can be introduced slowly. Examples include introducing a database or adding a new function to an existing system, resetting of hardware, introducing new functionality to a website.