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Accede Holdings Pty Ltd has been creating Products, Tools and Applications for businesses world wide from 1984 to 2021

Software products created by Accede are stable, reliable and cost effective.  As business data specialists, we dedicated over 37 years in managing and presenting business data in an IT sense.  This only proves how our methods worked with business data in different environments, different needs, different options etc. During this time, we have consulted with many businesses and created many applications and solutions.  Note: Sometimes these solutions are to send a business to a specific product or company. If you want more information about business data, we can assist you.

Products Created by Accede

Accede Maps

Accede created a total of 9 products over the past 37 years.  Our current product, Accede Maps allows business data to be integrated to Google Maps. This provides companies with a competitive advantage to effectively use Google Maps not only for their internal use, but also for their on-field salespeople, technicians, and sub-contractors.  This is a really great product since we believe sales mapping is a useful option to learn more about your customers.

Another tool that we created is ODBC WriteNow, which allows you to read and write MYOB Account Right  data fast and reliable.  Great for mass updating and reviewing MYOB data.  We are currently updating this tool to allow desktop users to send and receive SMS’s for FREE.

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