Our Products

Accede Holdings Pty Ltd has been creating Products, Tools and Applications for businesses world wide for the last 30+ years.

Software products created by Accede who are Business Data Specialists are stable, reliable and cost effective.  We have been dedicated to the management and presentation of business data in an IT sense for over 30 years.  What this means is that we see how to work with data in different environments, different needs, different options etc. During this time, we have consulted with many businesses and created many applications and solutions.  Note: Sometimes these solutions are to send a business to a specific product or company.  However if you want answers about business data, we can assist you.

Products Created by Accede


Accede has created a total of 9 products over its life space.  These products do not all reach the market.  This can be due to a range of reasons.  The creation of a product takes a lot more effort than creating a tool or application.  Our most current product is a product called CRM-Map.  This product allows a companies data to be transferred to Google Maps, and be able to be read, edited, added to via Google Maps.  This allows many companies to cost effectively take advantage of the new Maps features not only on their websites, but also for their on site employees / Salespeople/ Technicians / Sub contractors.  This is a really great product and we believe that as Data Mapping is a great safe options for people that are on site.

Tools Created by Accede


As Accede staff are facing needs all the times.  Sometimes we can buy a tool from a third party to resolve a need, but we also find that tools are missing from the market. These tools we make available to people via other websites, or direct from us.  The last tool we published is MYOBSync, which is a product that allows you to read and write to MYOB Account Right in a fast and reliable manner.  Great for mass updates and data and MYOB review tools.  We are currently working on a tool that will allow PC users to send and receive SMS’s for free from their PC.  There are many that you can use that you need to pay for, but for many companies, such as NFPs cost is a major factor.

Applications – Created by Accede

Creation of Applications and care of these has been the bread and butter of the work that Accede has done for 30 years.  In creating an application we often find a need for a product or a tool.  Our applications are extremely varied due to the time we have been developing.  So if you are seeking a solution to a database need, then please contact us.