Accede Holdings Pty Ltd began its journey to its current position in 1984. It is now an established, strong, active IT business. Accede leads the Australian marketplace by providing high standard database solutions for businesses.

Over our history, our motto and reflected business practices have been “To provide sustainable ITC Custom Business Solutions that are effective, clever and of value”. To this end, we have specialised in database solutions for businesses. So for 37 years we have been focused on this one aim, and as such, we have a great depth of skill and experience.

Accede have been fortunate to be the recipient of the Federal R and D grant. With this grant we have been developing tools via market research we believe businesses will utilise. So we have been revolutionary and state of the art with our new development. However to offer these amazing new products, we have maintained and care for our core business clients. These clients we have and continue to produce their software.

Accede enjoys a long term win/win relationship with its clients. Our clients enjoy the stability, efficiency, effective software that adds value to their business.

Accede also gives back to the community, by offering up to $2000 per month of free software services to NFPs. We have a NFP register, which any NFP can ask for software solutions, services etc. and we are happy to consider all NFP’s. This offer has been utilised by RSB, SUNA, Childhood Cancer, Churches, BCA – just to name a few. Accede also has a RSB puppy in training at their office, and all staff are educated in working with a Puppy in Training. To date, Accede have participated in the full time training of 11 dogs, plus the odd emergency training assistance of some of the other RSB Guide Dogs.

To keep us cost efficient to our clients, we keep a lean core team of programmers full time in house. When we need extra programming or work, we either employ contractors or virtual staff, depending on the project requirements.