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Securely Getting MYOB Data to your customers via your Website

Securley Getting MYOB Data to your customers via your Website Your Data is in MYOB. Can you improve your customer service without increasing your time and costs? The answer is a simple YES. This is what an API is all about. It allows the data in MYOB, to be...

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Accounting Software Packages Which way to go?

Welcome back to work and 2015. I get this question so often, and this year is no exception, that I have decided to blog about this. The question I get, We are reviewing our accounting and have heard about, what you think about this? In the Market place there...

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How MYOB Can be an Easy Timesaving Tool

MYOB is a great value accounting package. However for most of us, accounting is the way of recording the financial transaction although it really does very little to increase sales. When selling, we are generally looking at 2 options: 1. Selling more to existing clients. 2. Getting new clients....

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