Securely Getting MYOB Data to your customers via your Website

Securley Getting MYOB Data to your customers via your Website

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Your Data is in MYOB. Can you improve your customer service without increasing your time and costs? The answer is a simple YES. This is what an API is all about. It allows the data in MYOB, to be interfaced with your web and in a secure safe way. The problem with the standard MYOB API, is its speed, but some products and companies have learnt how to solve this.

So why would you be interested in this?

Do you…

  • Have clients wanting to know what they owe, or asking for reprints of invoices?
  • Have suppliers who primarily service your company, but their communication is lacking, e.g. so you know that the purchase orders have been received and are being acted on.
  • Find that MYOB is just not giving you all you need, e.g. the ability to attaching images and files to an invoice for your clients?

If any of these questions or many others come to mind, then this can be done.

Now, you are wondering “Where do I start?”


To begin with, MYOB has an app store (, with many options some may off the shelf fit your requirements. However, for those that don’t, there are some MYOB Developers and App store products designed for Database Web Developers. Here are some links to these I know that ODBCWritenow (, is one that will save the MYOB API accessible data to MS SQL and MY SQL, so you can access via your website.

If you need to create a very personal web interface, which a few of you may need to do, then you will find that there are 2 types of Web Developers in the marketplace.

The Majority of Web Developers create graphically great web sites with Great links, text, imagery etc. This is what is normally referred to as a Web Developer. Now, all of these websites have a “database’ behind them, but these databases are integrated and designed to make the site work well. These developers generally use these databases and add data etc. to the databases, but they are not what is referred to as a Database Web Developer.

The Database Web Developer generally has less appreciation for Pretty Pages, as they do for Data Speed, security and information recall. Quite often these Database Web Developer is very busy creating Dashboards for your client access.

How do you proceed?

You need certain parties involved in your website so that you get the best results

  1. Marketing Director – someone who knows your goals as far as why you want your web site, who you are trying to reach, the numbers you wish, etc.
  2. Web Developer. This person/company, will create your website so that the information you present to the Web via the World Wide Web, is what you wish to present.
  3. If you wish a client portal or Dashboard, you will require a Database Web Developer. Please provide them with exactly what you wish, style guides etc. They should provide you with a fixed quote, on dollars and time. They should also create your dashboard in a Test Environment so that you can “try” the work out before this goes live.


Why am I writing about this?

So often my business clients understand, web sites, marketing, search engines etc. But it is also very clear that many do not understand the difference between a web developer and a Database Web Developer. What is even more interesting, is that Web Developers often believe they are a Database Web Developer, but their results are clear to see – slow, sluggy response times, too slow, over budget etc. This is like when your car needs an electrical engineer, and your mechanic does not employ such an engineer but still tries to fix the car. Yes, sometimes they succeed, but often not.

Make sure you search for a Database Web Developer if this is what you seek.