Business Security Insights: Is your business safe using cloud technology, cloud data?

With the increasing prominence of the internet and the development of cloud technology one must ask whether its time to move away from internal data storage to a cloud alternative. This article provides a comparison and some points of considerations for companies looking a different approach to data storage. Are you ready to utilise this amazing technology?

Are you sure your business data is safe?

Or is it just what you have been told? If I had a $1000 for each business that told me its data was safe, and then I found out that it was not, I would be able to buy a new house – Truly. So why is it that your IT person says they have Read more about Are you sure your business data is safe?[…]

Why Use MS Access

I am writing about this question, because I would be asked this question hundreds of times in a year. So here are the reasons. MS Access was a really intelligent product that Microsoft added to its professional office pack. The reason that it is intelligent is really due to what it can do for an Read more about Why Use MS Access[…]

How MYOB Can be an Easy Timesaving Tool

MYOB is a great value accounting package. However for most of us, accounting is the way of recording the financial transaction although it really does very little to increase sales. When selling, we are generally looking at 2 options: 1. Selling more to existing clients. 2. Getting new clients. Due to this fact, most of Read more about How MYOB Can be an Easy Timesaving Tool[…]

Have Databases Helped or Hindered Life Balance

After 30 years of writing databases, employing programmers and owning a software company, I question if databases actually help or hinder our lives. Today, data is power. Those who have access to data and can use data information to get an advantage, can take a pivotal position in the choices of their lives. Using data Read more about Have Databases Helped or Hindered Life Balance[…]