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Securely Getting MYOB Data to your customers via your Website

Securley Getting MYOB Data to your customers via your Website Your Data is in MYOB. Can you improve your customer service without increasing your time and costs? The answer is a simple YES. This is what an API is all about. It allows the data in MYOB, to be...

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Government and Politics – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Government and Politics is a fact of life. But here in Australia are they a saint to us or a Demon? Well, I think they are a bit of both. Politics in this context is all parties, elected or not, federal, state or local. The political party in office...

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How to Deal with Family Members in Business

Family and business. What a huge topic. We have all heard these statements: Family Business Family and business just don’t mix It is business not personal. Well all of the above have a place, but the facts are, a lot of us run businesses, have families, and want to...

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