Welcome to Accede Holdings

Accede was established in 1984 and has over 37 years of experience as a company in database design and development. We lead the Australian marketplace by providing a high standard database solution to business, both locally and internationally.

Over the years we have:

  • created 1000’s of applications
  • work with many changes brought to the IT industry
  • use solid technological advancements if they bring an advantage to our client, such as Amazon Workspaces and Google Maps
  • not wasted time and money reinventing the wheel; we often use 3rd party apps, or direct clients to the right solution.
  • developed a deep business understanding when it comes to data.

We have consulted and created Database Solutions for these industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Auctions
  • Water Management
  • Playgroups
  • Medical
  • Food Handling
  • Mining
  • Sales Focused Businesses
  • Building Industry
  • Legal Professionals
  • Health and Beauty
  • Wineries
  • Education and Training
  • and many more.
  • Local, cloud, and web based database solutions to meet growing and demanding business needs.
  • Interfaces to packaged accounting products integrate your day-to-day operations critical data into standard accounting products.
  • Interfaces between many other products, companies, and tools.

Our commitment to the future

Accede has invested over $1 million in resources to develop many tools and products.  Our latest released tool is MYOBSync which is a new fast, stable way to communicate with MYOB Account Right.  Our most recent product that has been released and we are still adding to is CRM-Map – a new database mapping tool that allows business to view, add and edit their data via Google Maps.

We believe that this strong link between databases, security, rules and graphics is where IT will reside during the next decade. To this end Accede has invested the time and resources to make sure we can lead the way in offering solid, competitive business services for our clients.

Key benefits of working with Accede Holdings Pty Ltd include:

  • You own your source code. The usual practice in IT is that you purchase a license to use a software product.  When we create an application or a product for a client, we hand over the source code as part of our standard practice.
  •  One of our key expectations is a win/win relationship between our client and ourselves.
  • We offer to work for a set quote or on an adhoc basis depending on your needs.
  • We are cost driven and constantly reviewing better, faster and more economical ways to provide software solutions to our Clients.
  • Our motto is to “Provide IT Solutions that are Efficient, Effective and of Value”. We stand by this motto in all our business practices and actions, so you can can expect a reliable, costed effective solution to your business database needs.

Accede Holdings Pty Ltd has built solid, reliable company who work hard to provide your database needs.  We work hard to deliver on time and on budget. Contact Accede if you are seeking a database solution for your business.