Our Team

Managing Director
Cate has been the Owner, CEO and Programmer with Accede for the last 34 years. Her IT initiation began with Unix as a computer Chip programmer back in 1981. As IT developed so did Cate both in IT and Business Management. Today, Cate manages software and App development for national and international based companies. She programs for some local companies here in Australia, and her IT and business expertise and skills are regularly being utilised by business leaders. Cate also is a Puppy educator with the RSB and if you ever meet with her you will probably find a guide dog in training is accompanying her to your meeting. Cate is the initiator of the NFP program that Accede offers.
Senior Developer
With a strong family history of IT, Chris developed an early passion for all things technical, helping his father with programming work in his early teens. Following his study, Chris worked developing point of sales and back office systems. In 2011 he took the opportunity to join Accede, and has enjoyed dealing with all levels of IT solutions. This has given Chris a well-rounded view of IT systems, and has developed a wide range of solutions. He is currently preparing to marry, and is looking forward to the next phase of his life.
Junior Developer
While completing his diploma in Software Development, Matthew joined Accede for work experience. Matthew showed a strong aptitude for programming, and when a position became available moved to full time. He has particularly enjoyed developing systems for Adelaide All Trade and Australian Carpet and Tiles.