MS Access Database Development Integration

Accede Holdings has provided MS Access database development services for Australian companies  over for 30 years.

MS Access ApplicationMost of budding organizations built their database systems using Microsoft Access platform. However, as the scale of their project expands in size and number of users, it is impossible for them to keep up with these demands because of MS Access limited features. The next best option for this is data migration but it is a daunting task, especially for people with no programming background.

Now database migration from MS Access to your preferred platform has never been so seamless and easy with Accede Holdings. Our database programmers are equipped with experience and knowledge of all versions of Access from Microsoft Access 2003 right through 2010. That fact alone makes sure that we can design, develop, and provide support all of our client’s database needs. We can also assist early versions of MS Access databases which include porting the content forward. That way, our clients won’t find it necessary to lose their old database. We see to it that these legacy databases can be updated so that business data can go forward.

We at Accede trusts Microsoft Access’ dexterity that it can generate a working report from live data in about 15 or so minutes as compared to Visual Basic, .net or PHP that takes 4 to 8 hours to go live. This rapid result proves that MS Access is still a valuable asset to your database system. Although clients with large database may require them to integrate their existing MS Access with MS SQL in order to handle huge amount of records. This scenario is pretty common as MS Access will run reports, and enter data, and MS SQL will be the backend who will store and save data in a chosen period of time.

If you don’t own a copy of MS Access, don’t worry as we can build your application to work with MS Access runtime. The features might be limited but it could be a great start for your startup business.


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