Transfer MS Access Database to Cloud

If you have a great business application that your business is using and you need to move to cloud, then we are the pcloudmsaccesseople you should be talking to.  We have been developing in MS Access since MS Access version 1.  So we know all the version quirks and needs.  We are specialists with this.  We have also been writing Web based databases in the cloud for the last 16 years for businesses, so we are also a specialist in this area.

For the past 6 years, we have used MS Access as either an application creation for SME’s that need a fast, low cost solution, or we have been using MS Access for Proof of Concept designs.  So this proof of concept idea, is that we would create a fully working system, as the client wants.  The client can then get hands on and make changes as they desire.  Once this is done, then we can move this application to the cloud, for a fixed price and delivery time.  We have done this so often for clients, that some of our tools are automated, and unfortunately, some are not – depending on what the application has done.

So with all our experience, we have decided to offer this transfer option to clients.  There are many ways to move your data to the cloud, so the price is really quite varied, starting as low as $330 inc GST.  There are many options, so dont feel powerless.  You can email or contact us for a no obligation quote on 08 8363 5699 or

To give you some ideas of your options

  1. Move your database to MS SQL or MY SQL and have your access application work in a thin client mode.
  2. Move your Database to MS SQL or MY SQL and we can transfer your MS Access to PHP (a web based language for you).