CRM-Map – Joining your Data to Google Maps

CRM-Map is simple to use:

A simple two way interactive communication tool for any sales person or business owner to use. CRM-Map  uses all the standard feel and functions of Google Maps, but with your data.

This allows easy to see and graphic entry of items sold or services provided, or planned to be sold or provided to customers at locations on the map. The items are defined by icons, and the “status” of the item by colour. Further items can have categories assigned to help track the characteristics of sales.  You can also add notes to record information about a location and/or a contact.

CRM-Map is really Cost Effective.

Users have the opportunity to search and detect information at a glance that is contained in your database, so increasing the speed and performance of your staff.  Our product is also very cost effective and allows you to use casual sales people that can enter data into their phones and you have full information on the spot.  You can show information on your website such as where you have installed all your sites.  Plus, for NFP’s, you can collection from homes, and keep of record of who gives and who does not, by street address – and your costs are so low for these features.  You only pay as you need and for what you use.

CRM-Map even has Sales Zones

A user can quickly see information relevant to help run a business more efficiently and effectively. This is done by allowing “zones” to be drawn on any given map. The zone is an area for a salesperson to work from and within these zone are “locations”. These locations are normally houses, but could be apartments, business premises, warehouses or any other structure.

CRM-Map is very Flexible

The flexibility of fields and titles will  fit with any business model.  Any data can be exported and imported, and this is controlled by your administrator.


CRM-Map has a wide range of applications, from selling items such as mobile phones and white goods, to controlling surveys and monitoring political affiliations to name but a few. It will run on Microsoft Windows, Android and Apple i devices, and can be used anywhere there is internet access.


CRM-Map will interface with all of your electronic data, and with many standard systems, such as MYOB, ZOHO and many more.