Are you sure your business data is safe?

Or is it just what you have been told? If I had a $1000 for each business that told me its data was safe, and then I found out that it was not, I would be able to buy a new house – Truly. So why is it that your IT person says they have Read more about Are you sure your business data is safe?[…]

R and D Grants – how to make them work for your growth

As a SME who has been successful, employing people and gone through 3 decades of business in Adelaide Australia. I have found there are some really important facts that as a business one has to do. The logical items would be planning, cashflow, decisive, keep up sales and marketing, and keep ones eyes open. However Read more about R and D Grants – how to make them work for your growth[…]

Super + Tax + Paperwork increase = ABUSE

As a business owner and employer of 32 years experience in South Australia, I am angry and tired of being abused by our Governments. For 32 years, I have done the right thing by staff, government and the Australian people and what is the outcome ABUSE!!!  Even worse than this, there is one set of Read more about Super + Tax + Paperwork increase = ABUSE[…]

Product Development

Product development is something I have a lot of experience in. I have gone through this with stress, frustration, hope and exhaustion. I have developed products for myself, for others and in partnership. The products I have developed have been both physical and non physical (e.g. Software and Web based products). Products can be developed Read more about Product Development[…]

Tips on how a small business can improve Cashflow

Cash flow is the blood of small business. Without it, you go out of business. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how great your products are and even how great your customers and staff are. Cash flow is the essential item to staying in business. So your business is cash poor and you need Read more about Tips on how a small business can improve Cashflow[…]

How MYOB Can be an Easy Timesaving Tool

MYOB is a great value accounting package. However for most of us, accounting is the way of recording the financial transaction although it really does very little to increase sales. When selling, we are generally looking at 2 options: 1. Selling more to existing clients. 2. Getting new clients. Due to this fact, most of Read more about How MYOB Can be an Easy Timesaving Tool[…]

Have Databases Helped or Hindered Life Balance

After 30 years of writing databases, employing programmers and owning a software company, I question if databases actually help or hinder our lives. Today, data is power. Those who have access to data and can use data information to get an advantage, can take a pivotal position in the choices of their lives. Using data Read more about Have Databases Helped or Hindered Life Balance[…]