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Guide Dogs in the Office

RSB Puppy Educator I am a Puppy Educator for RSB Guide Dogs.  My RSB Guide puppy therefore goes everywhere with me. Yes, even the toilet.  This week I have been honoured at being able to train my 10th RSB Guide puppy, and I am so excited. What is funny...

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How a Business Cope with Staff Loss

2 weeks ago, one of my Key staff  in fact a person I have been training for 3 years to replace myself was head hunted and decided to go with the offer given to him. This was a shock and a blow not only to myself, but to clients...

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How To Stop Staff “Back-Biting”

Recently reading a document from a Business Consultant – Brett Williams, he mentioned how he had done quite a bit of work with businesses who are trying to get the staff to stop “back biting”. I found this interesting, as this has never been a problem that I have...

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