Is a Company Name just a Name, or something you grow into?

Over the 35 years I have been the Managing Director of Accede, quite a few people have asked me, why did I name our company name “Accede”.  Well here is why.


Initially, I used Accede, as it began with an A, hence the start back then of the phone book.  So before Google, we used paper, and paper once printed was there to stay.  I wished to be as close to the top as possible.  As names were printed alphabetically, I used an A.


Accede also began originally as a basic of the shelf company, renamed C and C business systems.  The C and C stood for Cate and C???? – back then this was my name and my partners name.  The second C eventually left the scene.  I then looked at merging with a hardware company whose name began with an A????, and even though this merge was not successful, it did lead to the beginning of Accede.   I began the search for a name, that had A + CC and meant what we were about.  This was the beginning of Accede.

So Why Accede?

If any of you are well read, love words, or history you would have read Accede in many contexts.  In short to Cede some thing is in the terms of power or territory, to give up on something.  The meaning  of Recede is to Go back or move further away.  “Accede” has 3 possible meanings; to Go along with, to Join together and Grow in strength, or to Assume an office or Position.

I selected Accede based on the more historic meaning of “To Join together and Grow in Strength”.  This is what Accede has offered many businesses over the years.  Accede joins with a company as their IT arm, we help them and this in turn helps us to Grow in Strength as our customer grows.

An Interesting Bi-Product

As Accede has matured and Grown in Strength, its philosophy and beliefs have allowed our staff to also develop and grow in strength with our company.  24 months ago, we decided to not only maintain and care for our existing clients, but to add to our offerings by Productising. Over the years we have attempted different products, and we have found that our products even though very useful, were very specified – so limited as to companies that could take advantage of what we offered.  So we then decided to look at our tool base, where technology was, what we expect it to be in the next 5-15 years.  This brought forward the birth of CRM Map to being our flag ship for Productising.   We also realised that as Accede had been supported not only by customers but also our country, we needed to give back.

Our Future

Accede’s future is solid and looking very hopeful.  We expect to continue growing with our customers, and in fact growing our customer base, as our product grows in the market place.

We hope to Grow together with my company and offer new and exciting Technological solutions that will help many companies to grow.  In turn we hope to help our own staff and new prospective staff to grow with Accede in both their business and family’s lives.

It is interesting that this little name has grown with us and we with it.  It made me wonder, how many other business names has dramatically affected how the company does business and works.  In fact my staff have reported how our company belief, mottos and visions have directly affected their own behaviour in every day life.

I hope Accede and its products continue to Grow together in Strength.