Risk Management – How to Survive the Heatwave

Here in Adelaide, South Australia, we have survived an unbelievable heatwave. For many companies this means, tools down. It costs more, staff are lethargic, and customers are just not coming in. However, for others it is a boom time. It all seems that we all want the almighty dollar. Employees want security, safety and a fair pay. In addition, government want more taxes, union want more amenities and companies want more profits. Getting a balance is really the trick. Also surviving from GFC, extreme weather and an aging population. So how can we achieve this balance?

It comes down to a simple, but true adage “Work Smarter, not Harder”

Technology is doing a lot of this for us. Here are some examples:

  • Online Shopping – We don’t have to go outside and spend hours to shop.
  • Virtual Offices – We have all heard of and in occasions like this, allowing people to work from the comfort of their homes, reduces risks with travel (many angry hot road users), errors and even loads on the systems at work. So businesses that can offer virtual office work, should really encourage this during very difficult times.
  • Information on the web – It’s so often that people can get the information they need by researching on the web. Staff should keep directing them to their websites and make sure their websites are up to date.
  • Databases – What a difference can databases make? HUGE. Databases enables online shopping, paying bills, booking trips, accommodation etc. Databases can also allow people to work virtually. You just need to have yours up to date. Plus, databases can save a huge amount of wasted human resource – hence working smarter.
  • E Conferencing – Having meetings online, over the phone, via conferencing calls saves a lot of time, travel and resource. This is really getting smarter.
  • Social Media – using this to give you advantages.

Post5-imageThis is a tough time for many businesses. This heatwave and the effect it has can mean the end of the line. This could be due to age, health, profits or a range of reasons. Howeverfor most businesses, they can reduce risk, costs and in increase profits by just working smarter. We need to stop being afraid of IT, and start making it work for you. This may sound normal, but from my practical experience – this just does not happen at all.

Only last week, I wrote a Web to MYOB Automatic integration routine. I then asked the client if they knew of anyone that may use any of our other products, such as an automatic service provider. This client had already saved 2.5 days of manual labour with this integration function. He is now looking at the service provider solution and if implemented, this should save him not only loss of time, written off back debts – but 3 staff peoples jobs that can be deployed in other areas to increase business. This is working smarter, not harder. In this case, my new client did not even realise what I was discussing was possible.

If you have not done so, get someone to review how you use your IT. Review where your money is spent, and don’t forget – Ask Questions. This is the answer to getting a balance, reducing risk for all, and bringing peace of mind to all.


Cate Schafing is a successful Australian business woman in the IT field serving as CEO of Accede Holdings Pty. Ltd. makers of Ezymeetz, ICE and Virtual Gym. She develops innovative new technological products as a programmer and entrepreneur. In gratitude for her success her company supports NFP’s by donating $5000 per month in programming time for NFP’s requesting work.



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