Cloud Uploading (Database)

Business Security Insights: Is your business safe using cloud technology, cloud data?

With the increasing prominence of the internet and the development of cloud technology one must ask whether its time to move away from internal data storage to a cloud alternative. This article provides a comparison and some points of considerations for companies looking a different approach to data storage. Are you ready to utilise this amazing technology?

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Christmas, Business, Life Balance – Aarrgh!

businChristmas + Business + Life Balance = “Bah humbug” “Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. “There are no winners in life, Only survivors” No problems – I got it sorted! Love Christmas, this is my favorite time of year.   Now, I don’t know your response. But[…]

Commercial Database

Business Growth Tips: How SMEs can realistically harness their data to increase sales

Can you as a SMEs compete with Corporate’s?  Here is a Guide on how increase your sales, have life balance and make more profits. The biggest difference between SMEs and Corporate’s  is that they generally have more people to give more smarts to using their data and leverage that they have to enable them to increase sales.[…]


Are you sure your business data is safe?

Or is it just what you have been told? If I had a $1000 for each business that told me its data was safe, and then I found out that it was not, I would be able to buy a new house – Truly. So why is it that your IT person says they have[…]


The 3 minute time manager: How effective, efficient business practices start with good personal time management systems

If you’re struggling to perform at your best due to being time poor or lacking work life balance, it is certainly true that the work we do at Accede in building effective database solutions will support your drive to be more efficient. However, after reflecting on the many business owners, boards and managers we’ve worked[…]

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Women: Best choice for IT Industry

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and even though my son forgot, and frankly I did not have a very good day I spent time considering what it is like being a mother and being employed in IT. I have raised a son, for the majority of his school and high school as a single mother, working,[…]